A Naturopath is a health care provider that practices holistic medicine which considers all aspects of a person - being mind, body, spirit and emotions; and looks at all body systems when looking for the underlying causes of disease and health conditions. It is a complementary medicine, not alternative, and I am happy to work alongside allopathic doctors. Healing modalities such as nutrition, homeobotanicals, homeopathy, supplementation (macro and micronutrients and herbs); flower essences and stress management.

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Healing Modalities/Naturopathic Services Include:

  • Diet and Lifestyle choices – eating and wellness support
    Focus on nutrition and as the old saying goes “you are what you eat” – what you buy from the supermarket and put into your body has changed from what was eating many years ago. Unfortunately, the western diet of today has been a huge contributing factor in why many health disorders have escalated over recent years, especially obesity and diabetes rates.
  • Exercise and Lifestyle choices – High stress, long hours working, sedentary jobs all create imbalances throughout the body; helping with changes whether big or small will help the overall health of patients.
  • Homeobotanical Remedies – these are liquid herbal blends made in a homeopathic way, much safer and easier to use; great for anyone of all ages and even animals. I blend them together depending on the concern the patient has, and Bach flower essences can also be added for emotional support.
  • Bach Flower Essences – Made by wild flowers and are sage and natural method of healing. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by creating balance from negative to positive emotions; thus restoring peace and happiness so the body is free to then heal itself. (Often these are added to the Homeobotanical remedies to enhance the effectiveness of both remedies and patient.)
  • Supplements – Majority of the supplements I use are food sources so help to upregulate cellular function thereby support gene expression to help balance and support overall function of the body.  By supporting overall cellular function across the whole body, I’m not specifically chasing symptoms and there are better outcomes.  This approach along with the heavy metal, mineral and vitamin scanning I do in clinic makes a targeted approach for each individual.
  • Creams – I use natural creams that don’t contain hidden chemicals (eg petroleum), and in severe skin conditions I also add Homeobotanical liquid herbal blends to the cream to further support, heal and nourish the skin healing.


1 hour consultation and requires the client to complete the health questionnaire before appointment (as it takes 20 mins to complete). This is a comprehensive questionnaire to identify signs and symptoms which may be affecting organs throughout the body. Within the consult I will go over the questionnaire, ask more questions and evaluate the reason (current health concern) you have. (I try to evaluate everything that has occurred through your life that can be a contributing factor for the current health concern). Iridology analysis also help identify possible imbalances, thus to support diet changes and recommendations. Written recommendations to follow appointment, this may include diet, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations.

Initial 60 minute consult - $140

60 minute follow up consults - $75