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About Samara Wech

I studied through the Naturopathic college of NZ obtained my Diploma in 2014. I am a Mum of 5 kids and we live on our Dairy farm in Otautau.
I studied as a Naturopath due to being diagnosed with Coeliacs over 10 years ago and found just taking gluten out of my diet wasn’t enough and my health was still an issue. My daughters also had bad eczema so I wanted answers of how this could happen; and the creams that were recommended I found didn’t help and later discovered they contains chemicals eg petroleum.
I am passionate and want to help those that want to help themselves. My role is to guide you in the right choices and support when required; there are no magic pills and you are the one that holds the key to your health. When you leave my clinic you are responsible for changes – I just support and guide you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

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Our Premises

Our premises are located in the complete wellness building at 24 Windsor Street Invercargill.